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Connectivity Solution

BTL obtained nationwide ISP license to provide Internet & DATA Connectivity Service all over Bangladesh through Fiber Optic and Radio Link Connectivity by installing High-Tech Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

Dedicated Internet Connectivity, Data Connectivity & Dark Fiber Connectivity


Model of Connectivity: Fiber & Radio

Upstream Carrier: Multiple IIG with ITC backup link to ensure 99.99% up time.

Technology: MPLS based multi routing.

Packages: Depending on the technical site survey, we usually submit a complete proposal over understanding the current situation.

Customer Support and Network Monitoring: 24/7/365

Connectivity Coverage: Mostly anywhere in Bangladesh

Recommendation: email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Local Area Network Setup

BTL ISP wing has offered entire LAN setup solution in order to do structural cable management as well as Wi-Fi setup solution in the users premises. Below are the items covered by the LAN Setup Solution.  

1. Wired (cable) LAN


1.1 Fiber Optic Cable
> Armored Fiber Optic Cable
>Non Armored Fiber Optic Cable

1.2 Copper
>Shielded Twisted Pair Cable (STP): CAT-6 Cable
> Un-shielded Twisted Pair Cable (UTP): CAT-5 Cable


• Designing the best feasible Cable Management Solution inside office

To facilitate underflow, overhead seamless cable routing over conducting a technical survey by specialized LAN Team.

• Identification and Specification of Cable Management Solutions.

To enable the arrangement of the components as per Best Practices considering all interior decoration beauties.

> Overhead cable tray solution
> Concealing wall, floor to manage the cable lying
> Cable management under raised floor

• Labeling and Identification Solutions.

To enable administration of physical infrastructure. As per industry standard Best Practices.


2.0 Wireless (Wi-Fi) LAN


Signal Type: 802.11.b/g/n standards



> Individual network management for Management Team, Regular Employees, Limited Users as well as Guest.





Web Solution

Web Hosting

Server Configuration:

Operating System: Linux
Hard Disk: PureSSD
Bandwidth:  15 Mbps ~ 5 Tbps
GigE Uplink: 1,000 Mbps

Other Configuration:
cPanel/WHM Included
KVM Virtualization


Additional Features:


A. Pure SSD and 10Gbps fiber network

Driven by a SAN comprised of Enterprise SSDs in Hardware RAID10 with multiple caching devices and 10Gbps Fiber for communication, our Business Platform accounts offer the best I/O capabilities on the market. Never suffer from slow read or write speeds again!

B. Private IPs

Take control of your IPs with our new business platform. IPs are dedicated to only your accounts allowing you to customize DNS records and have a private mail server IP for increased mail reputation

C. Enterprise Virtualization

KVM offers real hardware virtualization to your platform meaning increased scalability, reliability, and customizability. Take full control of your virtual machine, OS, and kernel.

 D. Increased Site Reliability

Take advantage of dedicated mail server IPs with improved reputations, customizable rDNS, and fully dedicated server resources like CPU,  RAM, and Disk to increase you and your customer’s site and email reliability.




Maintenance Solution

BTL ISP wing offers wide range of maintenance solution in order to ease customers life in different segment. Below are the area of solutions offered by the maintenance services.


 1. Dark Fiber Maintenance

> The direct connectivity between branches / locations to bring users under one single network. 

2. Local Area Network Maintenance

> Internal device connecting network i.e., cable management, configuration management

3. Mail Server Maintenance

> For SMEs, we offer local hosted mail server and its maintenance to provide enterprise email support to small group of employees.

4. Router Configuration Maintenance

> High end Routers connecting to a network to control the bandwidth management is certainly a service offered by us. Our specialized technical team can handle the solution over remote access management as well as physical installation.

5. Resident Engineer

> Our Specialized technical team use to work in customer premises to support they regular technical assistance. The skill required to serve the purpose depends on the merit of the tasks.



There are 2 (two) packages for the above services.

1. Monthly subscription

* Maximum number of visit is limited by the offer in respect of technical survey and evaluation.

2. On Call Subscription



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